This discovery questionnaire will be used to learn more about your interests, abilities, and needs; so that we can customize the course experience to deliver the most value. We have a proven approach to how we structure our course and run the classes, but the information we gather from you here will allow us to adjust the case topics, industries we focus on, concepts we address, and the types of speakers we include in the course. Please spend 5-10 minutes together (parent/guardian and child) going through these questions and providing your responses. The time spent will be well worth it and we really look forward to seeing you in class.

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Have you ever taken a case method / Socratic approach class before?
Have you ever started your own business before?
What excites you most about the Streetwise Lab bootcamp?
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Selected Value: 1
What business topics do you find most interesting (select all that apply)
What skills are you most hoping to gain from this course? (select all that apply)What skills are you most hoping to gain from this course? (select all that apply)
What industries would you most like to focus on? (select all that apply)

Time for some quick short answers

I know we all hate when we have to write in our own answers, but please try your best on these next few questions. Your answers on these questions are super helpful for us to make this course as exciting as possible for you. You don’t need to write a formal essay or anything close to that, but do your best to answer the core question.