Our CEO Summer Bootcamp is the most exclusive program in the world for middle school students, taught directly by Harvard MBAs

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Our students

...are more likely to be accepted to an elite college given the rigorous, graduate style course load, leadership training, and one-of-a-kind educational experience
...are prepared to launch their own entrepreneurial journeys, having created a comprehensive HBS style business plan that takes them from idea to revenue
...are further along than their peers, with a more developed skill set encompassing communication, analytical thinking, decision making, and a streetwise, confident mindset

We only accept a small cohort of students selected through a thorough application process that emphasises intellectual curiosity, personal drive, analytical acumen and social skills

"We need to be able to identify and support young people who demonstrate interest and aptitude in entrepreneurship and business creation and give them tools to follow this path throughout their educational experience."

Stephen A. Schwarzman Chairman & CEO, The Blackstone Group

Developing an entrepreneurial mindset and acquiring the necessary tools to forge their own paths from the middle school level gives children a head start and a lifelong advantage that distinctly sets them apart from the pack

students grade 5-12 want to be their own boss (Gallup Poll)
0 %
of students only actually spend more than an hour in grades 5-12 learning about business
0 %
of jobs could be claimed by automation by 2033 (Oxford Study)
0 %
of children entering school today would land in jobs that don't yet exist (WEF)
0 %

We leverage the century-old legacy of the Harvard Business School case method, and complement it with advanced AI tools and cutting edge educational research to create a unique experience for our students

We immerse...

children in business situations where they need to think like CEOs tackling complex situations. We use HBS style cases because they serve as the perfect practice ground for developing future leaders.

We instill...

children with the courage to make difficult decisions and take necessary risks, the analytical rigor to solve problems, and above all a belief in their own ability to succeed. We want to create leaders who can thrive in business and in life.

We inspire...

children through stories of leadership, entrepreneurship, and social impact. From Henry Ford to 21st century business leaders, children learn from case studies that inspire them to chase big dreams. We want to unlock their potential and set them on a path for success.

Our programs

In-person program is a 2-week long intensive program, offered in New York and a select few cities around the world. It includes hours of case analysis, class engagement, personal development, and creation of a business plan, renowned guest speakers, and more...every day.

Online program is a 6-week long course for students from around the globe. Each class is an hour long and there are 4 classes held per week. Classes revolve around case analysis, foundational business concepts, and personal development. Students work on their business plans outside of the class time with regular check-ins and reviews with their instructors.